Monday, July 11, 2011

Da Bears

Today I am linking up with my BFFL Kristine at Living a Barefoot and Crazy Lifestyle for her first weekly Monday Moanings sesh. And believe you me, I have some serious complaining to do.
1. Being broke. While I understand that it’s my own damn fault that I never have any money, I am getting quite sick of the fact that I never have enough money to pay for all the things that I feel the need to pay for.
2. My hair. I vowed to get a haircut before leaving to Vegas this week. But then plans changed, so rater than looking smokin’ hot with my new do, I’ll be looking more like this:

3. I got just about 0.8 hours of sleep last night, and I have NO idea why. But I can tell you this, Chad was farting up a storm. I hate to be blunt, but if laying awake all night wasn’t bad enough, laying awake trying not to vomit at the scent of Chad’s toxic gases made it 100x worse.
4. Bears. In case you hadn’t read my past post about my favorite guy, Paddington, you can read it here. As I lay in bed last night trying not to pass out from fumes being emitted from Chad, I had to listen to that jerky bear knock our garbage can over and drag our trash away. I could have gotten up and tried to scare it away, but loading a bolt action 410 was not my idea of a good time.
Those are my current moanings for the week. Check back later for more.

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Kristine said...

Thanks for linking up friend! Um, if Chad has that much gas in Vegas, he will be promptly moved into the hallway, haha. I didn't realize you named the bear! I love it.