Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Blog Challenge: Fall TV Shows

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

I can’t even keep up with all the new TV shows this season that I am trying to watch. My DVR is working overtime right now!
The TV shows that I am stoked to have starting up again are…
Pretty Little Liars: After the cliff hanger of the summer finale, I NEED to see what is going to happen next.

Biggest Loser: This show gets me so motivated. I LOVE to work out while I watch it because I look at all those people who are seriously obese with bad joints and how they are working their asses off, and it just makes me want to work that much harder because if they can do it, I can do it. I always look forward to the seasons so I can get that little motivation boost.

Glee: I am a bit of a Gleek, my friends. So I am excited to see how the show is going to be changing with some of the kids graduating and whatnot.

Kitchen Nightmares: I love to see Gordon Ramsey yell at people about their disgusting restaurant. And I love even MORE seeing how they manage to make them over and recreate these peoples dreams. I love me a good restaurant show.

Law & Order, SVU: This is a show that Chad and I can agree on, and I have never seen an episode that disappointed me. They always have really good  guest stars too!

The new shows that I am trying to catch are as follows…
The Secret Circle: I LOVE Britt Robertson. I would really like for Life Unexpected to come back, however I fear that it may never return. So, imagine my happiness to see that Britt is returning to the CW with a new show. Especially because it has a bit of magic involved, and takes place in Washington! Such luck!

Two Broke Girls: I watched the series premiere of this show with The Chad and I am officially hooked. It is quite funny. I love the sarcasm that is involved.

New Girl: I LOVED Zooey Deschanel, so I think this show is going to be a good one. I may be biased, but whatever. Can’t wait to catch up, since I am already behind!

Whitney: I enjoy Whitney Cummings, who I first learned to love on Chelsea Lately. And she is one of the masterminds behind Two Broke Girls, which I am already enjoying.  The previews for this show look pretty funny, but I will have to wait and see if she is trying to hard.

Hart of Dixie: I love that this story takes place in Alabama. I love storylines that are about a city girl moving to the country and learning to love it. It almost feels like the plot may be a bit shallow, but I am definitely going to be giving it a shot.


Victoria said...

i liked new girl! and i can't wait for hart of dixie tonight :)

happy tv watching!

Bdubs said...

I couldn't get through a whole episode of Whitney. She's definitely trying too hard, plus her boyfriend on the show is so gross!! Shave, and wash your hair. Seriously!

Love New Girl. Zooey is adorable and all of her roommies rock. Love love love it.

The Secret Circle is really good isn't it? I miss Life Unexpected too! Britt is a great little actress and I'm glad they gave her another show.