Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Okay... giveaways, hikes, and emotionally closed off boyfriends

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s Okay… to not have a Fall Blog Challenge post today.
It’s Okay… to promote my dear friend Kristine’s giveaway in order to get more entries. Even though blogging about it means more people will enter and my chances of winning are smaller. Oh well.
It’s Okay… to feel right at home being back at Gold’s Gym after a long hiatus.
It’s Okay… to feel slightly bitter that other people are getting married/engaged/closer to those things when I have been with the Chaddilac for 6+ years and he seems to have no intentions on popping the question anytime soon.
I don't really see why this is so much to ask for?!

It’s Okay… to be more productive at work when the boss is out of town than you are when she is sitting right next to you. Odd…
It’s Okay… to love that the fall weather has arrived!
It’s Okay… to require any house you look to purchase to have either a) at least an acre of land, b) have an amazing kitchen, or c) a lot of trick or treater potential when Halloween rolls around.

It’s Okay… to not feel sorry for your boyfriend being sick when you are annoyed with him (see ‘It’s Okay’ number 4 above).
It’s Okay… that this week has flown by! That's SUPER Okay!
It's Okay... to be excited for another hike this weekend, even though the last one left me partially paralyzed for a few days.

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