Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chad effed up

As you are all WELL aware, Chad has made hunting his first priority this fall. Which is okay with me, I suppose, because he gets his much needed man time, and I get some time to myself also.

Well, the hunting season over in Kittitas County (where he has been hunting the past two weekends) ended on Sunday, so Chad has been stuck hunting over here on our side of the mountains. He skipped out on my sister's birthday dinner last night to hunt (which was okay because we decided that having one less person for my mom to pay for justified us all ordering something more expensive, haha), and he went out again today after work.

As he is walking about searching for that monster buck that has been eluding him for years, Chad stumbles upon a ravine and there, in the bottom of the ravine, was a good size two point buck.

Chad hesistated for a minute, thinking he may pass him up in order to potentially get a bigger one later one. But then, realizing that there are only a few days left to hunt, he decided to go for it. He used his range finder (purchased by moi) to figure out how far it was from him (115 yards), aimed, and shot.

...And Missed.

Apparently he made the executive decision to adjust his scope before he left this afternoon, which ultimately screwed him up.

So, since the time he got home, he has been obsessing over this deer and how he hopes he didn't knick the poor thing, because he doesn't want it to be somewhere dying slowly. So he is going back out tomorrow after work (before my amazing Halloween themed family dinner) to see if he can find him again and do better this time.

That's all.

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