Wednesday, November 23, 2011

25 Things You Might Need to Know About Me

1.       I am very particular about how dishwashers are loaded. Chad’s roommates used to love to do it wrong just to see me get mad and do it all over again.
2.       I don’t like egg nog, but I love me a caramel egg nog latte around the holidays.
3.       The only way I will eat carrots is if they are in soup and so mushy they have no taste.
4.       I could eat Chinese food 6 days a week and not get sick of it.
5.       I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies probably hundreds of times and I never get sick of them (same goes for the books… and Twilight)
6.       Sometimes I feel like it would be exciting to be involved in a huge natural disaster, like tornados. (until I see videos and news stories about places that ARE hit by awful things like that, then I feel lucky to live in an area that isn’t prone to those types of happenings)
7.       I’m broke all the time because I over pay my bills.
8.       I have bad dreams… A LOT.
9.       I don’t dye my hair (anymore) because I am too lazy to keep up with it.
10.   I enjoy Christmas movies all year round.
11.   I always feel like people are staring at my hands when they sit at my desk, and it makes me self conscious of my nails.
12.   I have inherited my mother’s tendency to collect things and not be able to get rid of them.
13.   There are days when I don’t drink any water, and other days when I drink what feels like gallons.
14.   I got my dog from Chad’s best friend because he found out he was gun shy and therefore would make an awful hunting dog.
15.   I wish I was a pianist.
16.   I feel like a completely different person than I was in high school.
17.   I’ve always thought that having kids would be a huge burden on my youth, but seeing Chad with our friends’ kids makes me think that maybe it isn’t such a bad idea…
18.   I use 5 different colored pens when I balance my checkbook.
19.   My high school has always been plagued with lots of student deaths.
20.   I decorate my cubicle at work for the holidays, and could care less if nobody else decorates.
21.   I always like Taylor Swift songs when they first hit the airwaves, but hate them after about 2 days because they are played on almost every station 483 times a day.
22.   I have dreamed of owning a 4Runner since before I could drive… and still don’t have one.
23.   I follow a lot of blogs that are written by people I have very little, if anything, in common with.
24.   I have to have floss and chapstick with me AT ALL TIMES. If I don’t and the need arises, I have to stop at the closest store to get some, even if I am only 2 minutes from home.
25.   I love cooking over campfires.

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