Monday, December 26, 2011

Man oh Man...

It's time for a Christmas recap post. We had a lot going on for Christmas, so I am going to try to keep things short and sweet.

Christmas Eve:

Got up kinda early so Chad and I could finish up our shopping (barf). His cousin tagged along.
Christmas eve dinner at my house... Prime rib, mashed taters, etc. BOMB. 
Taco dinner at Chad's dad's girlfriend's house. New tradition, I hope. Presents from them also. Favorites: Water for Elephants DVD and The Band Perry CD. Whoop Whoop!

Christmas Morning:

Up early! Gifts at home. Too many to list them all... But here's some of the stand outs:

Those are the standouts. Among other things like a hiking book, cook book, calendars, etc.

Breakfast at Chad's grandma's house. Mimosas. Lotsa food. White elephant gift exchange. 

"Dinner" at Chad's other grandparents's house. More food (which I didn't have room to eat). Delicious desserts. A little dog named Gizmo.

To Dustin and Hayley's to give Mason his Christmas presents!
We got him the Kung Fu panda movies, as well as a Cars race track thingy. 
Please just TRY to tell me he isn't the cutest fracking thing you've ever seen in his Christmas jammies!
(Watching the Fox and the Hound on the travel DVD player I got him for a plane ride earlier this month. "Puppies!" he says and points to the screen.)

(Having his MiMi push him around on his new big boy bike that looks like his dad and uncle Chad's dirtbikes.)

Anyways, after that, I ended up coming home, rather than going to my uncle's house, so I could take a nap. I've been sick since Friday morning, so I was just too exhausted and full and feeling crummy to make it to another event.

So, my bloggy friends, that was my Christmas weekend... I hope everybody got what they wanted and had a fabulous holiday with their friends and family!


Alyssa said...

We got a Keurig too! I am so in love! And I have TBP CD! Sooo good! Do you love it already?

Kristine said...

Ok, now that you got your precious Chi, Lizzie has to make appearances more often, don't cha think?