Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pinteresting People


Today for Pinteresting Wednesday, I am going to show you guys the pins from my "People I Enjoy" board.

First up, my homegirl Brit. Don't hate.

Channing Tatum

Oh K Cav... I love your bitchy ways. And you're gorgeous.

MK & A
Source: via Carly on Pinterest

Last but not least, the object of my Lust... Urijah Faber. We can tango in the octagon anytime you want... CALL ME!
Source: via Carly on Pinterest

That's all for today kids. I've been crazy busy, so I am actually scheduling this post in advance, in case I completely lose my marbles and end up MIA from the blog for a few days trying to regain my sanity after the holidays.


Alyssa said...

No hate from me, girl! I still love Britney!!

rebecca said...

britney used to be adorable. i kinda forgot about that...

Trish said...

lol! what a cute pin board idea!

Trish @ Tales from ...

Summer-Raye said...

oh Lawd, you had me with Channing Tatum.