Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is a brief recap of the past few days.

Work was awful. Busy. Painful. Maddening. I was SO glad when the clock hit 5.
After work, Chad and I met our friend/real estate agent to look at some houses. Sister came too. We saw one that was REALLY nice inside, however it a) was in a flood plain, and b) had some places where the ceiling/door frames were too low and Chad would have hit his head on a regular basis. We also saw one that was strange, smelled bad, and was located in some odd area of town that wasn't really appealing. And one that was actually pretty nice. Located on a nice little street, big, and had some nice upgrades. AND it has a two year warranty on just about everything, which is rare for a bank owned home.

Last night:
Went to the bar to drink away the pain of my awful work day. Got our dinner paid for by a friend of mine's parents. They are always doing stuff like that when I see them down there.

This morning:
Chad got up early to go duck hunting with Sister's fiance. I slept in until 10 with the Beag... whoops. Then I got up and went to the farm to feed the cows and horses. As I was leaving, I noticed this pretty little brown cow staring at me from isolation.
I had NO idea she was in there, I thought all the animals were out in the pasture. I heard her mooing when I was out there dropping bales of hay, but i thought she was either a) too stupid to realize that was what I was doing, or b) too lazy to come out there and get any food. But, when I got back over to the barn to get my car (Chad left his truck there for me to use while he was duck hunting in the lower field) I realized she was closed in there. So I promptly took this picture and sent it to Chad's cousin (who is out of town, hence us feeding instead of them) and told her that this was my new favorite cow, and why does she not get to play with the other cows? This is when I was informed that she is very old and can't walk well and therefore can't fight for food. 
Great, now I'm the ass that didn't feed this poor old gal for the past two days because I didn't know she existed. Chad's cousin apologized for not telling me she was there, and that it wasn't a big deal that she didn't get hay the past couple days (there is still SOME grass in the fields). But I still feel bad.
Moral of the story, check ALL farm enclosures when feeding the livestock, because you never know when there might be a little old retired dairy cow counting on you to feed her. 

Anyways, that catches you up on my life the past 24 hours. I'm off to shower and head down to the local holiday market to see what i can find.

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