Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Assistance Needed

Hey kids, I need some advice on some girly problems. 
When it comes to my appearance, I'm pretty basic... basic makeup, boring hair... you know.

So, as I am working on changing my body, I think I need to really up my game and stop being so boring with other parts of my appearance.

First up, I need to know a really good exfoliating face wash, and a gentle facial moisturizer. I don't have BAD skin, but it's definitely not the flawless, porcelain skin all us girls strive for. So I need something that will get my skin clean without being too harsh or too greasy, and I LOVE an exfoliating face wash being I like my skin to feel smooth. And then I need a gentle moisturizer too. I've tried the Proactiv stuff, which worked okay i guess, but the lotion (step 3) always really irritates my skin and makes it red and itchy. And the basic stuff like clean and clear deep action cream cleanser is gentle enough, but doesn't exfoliate to my hearts content. 

Next, I need a solution for my hair. I have really fine strands of hair, which I never realized until the past few years. So when I straighten it and wear it down, it (my roots especially) end up appearing really oily, which grosses me out because it makes me feel like I haven't showered for 3 days or something. Also, it ends up looking really flat and lifeless after a while (which I used to think was the desired look, but not anymore). So, I need to know if there are any good hair products out there that will a) keep frizz out of my hair without it getting oily, and b) give me volume. Maybe a root lifter (whatever the hell that is)? Special shampoo? Help me! 

Finally, I need to know some good tutorials for doing fancy makeup and easy, nice looking hair dos. Like those faux twist things that are so popular right now. And smoky eyes.

Homegirl needs some help. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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