Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BBL: Check in!

Well kids, this is my first check in for the Blogger's Biggest Loser. 

The past couple weeks I have seen a lot of improvement in the way I feel. I have been cooking dinner (pretty much) every night for Chad and myself, working out (almost) every day, and I haven't been drinking during the week.

I've dropped about 3 pounds in these first weeks, but I know some of that is the added holiday weight from all the feasts I let myself consume.

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, and end by saying that I am hoping to be down another 2 pounds (at least) by the next check in.

I'm also participating in the 10 pound challenge... cash prizes, yo!

That's all. I hope everybody had a good 3 day weekend (if you got one...)


Michelle said...

You are doing great! I'm jealous!!!

Selina. said...

nice one girly!!

rebecca said...

Three pounds is better then nothing. Keep going at it! Everyone is here to show support :)