Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Okay: Snow Day Edition

Its Ok Thursdays

It seems as though winter finally hit the country this week. So in honor of the snow days we are all experiencing, I am going to do a Snow Day edition of It's Okay Thursday today.

It's Okay... not know where your snow boots are because you've never worn them since you got them for Christmas... in 2010. get a little bit of a thrill when it starts snowing, even though it is highly inconvenient for you. be that person who gets scared to drive very fast in the snow, so you pull over whenever someone is behind you so you don't feel pressured to drive fast actually be glad that Chad isn't working in the snow, so he can drive you everywhere make a fire EVERY DAY when it is cold outside feel strongly compelled to make a snowman with the little kids across the street wish someone would kidnap you and take you sledding at the pass

Anyways kiddos, that's what is okay with me this week!


Courtney Johnson said...

What's snow???

I live in Phoenix ;)

cute post! Makes me miss snow days.

Bethany said...

Your post makes me want to move to a place that snows so I can build a fire! Cute blog :)