Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things I've Loved About This Weekend

1. The weather. The past few days have been AMAZING for us here in the pacific northwest. There hasn't been any rain, and the sun has been shining like it's never shined before! I mean, it hasn't exactly been super WARM, but mid 50s is pretty damn good for February. I had to bust out my sunglasses even! 
Fun fact: Seattle sells more sunglasses than just about any other place. Shocked? Don't be. We don't need them very often, so when we do need them, we can't find them and hafta buy new ones. Truth.

2. Bravery. I finally bit the bullet and told Chad that I don't think he would even notice if I decided to run away. This has been something I have been struggling with a lot lately. I've mentioned it a few times, but lately I have just felt really lonely and he hasn't been spending any time with me at all... it's all been devoted to hunting, snowmobiling, and his boyfriend Dustin. So anyways, I told him that last night and he apologized for making me feel like he doesn't want to spend time with me, and that he would try harder to spend more quality time with me. We'll see how it goes.

3. Seeing family. Background: My dad's side of the family hasn't been very close over the last decade or so. I mean, he talked to his brother fairly regularly before he passed away in 2009, but other than that we had drifted apart over the years once my grandma died (which I think was, like, 12 years ago or something. Don't quote me on that though... I don't really know when it was). Anyways, back to the story. When  my uncle died about 5 years ago or so, we kind of got back on the family track, but just a little bit. Then again when my dad passed away, we all got together. But over the past year we have really been trying to see each other more regularly. So when my cousin called me up the other day to invite me and Chad out for the Superbowl and a bonfire I really wanted to go. Chad enjoyed himself, and I got to see one of my other cousins that I haven't seen at all since before our grandma passed away. So, moral of the story, I didn't watch the superbowl at all but I had some great laughs with my family and Chad got to know them a bit better.

4. We picked our bridesmaid dresses. And by "we" I mean me, my sister's other bridesmaid Stacy, and obviously my sister. We'd all been looking online at David's Bridal to see what we liked, so when we went in Stacy and I just kind of went to town grabbing dresses. We found one that is similar in style and fabric to my sister's dress, and it looked pretty good on both of us (despite our completely opposite body styles), so we took the plunge and ordered them. Extra plus: I got to order mine one size smaller than I would have had to order it in when we first went shopping a month ago. That made me feel REALLY good, especially because I've been so frustrated not being able to work out since I've had my foot surgery. We will be getting them back in April, so hopefully by then I will already have lost maybe another size, so I will have to get it taken in before the wedding. Fingers crossed...

Those are the things that I love about this weekend. 

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