Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'd Be Lying...

If I said... that I'm 100% happy with my life
If I said...  I work out half as much as I should
If I said... I don't spend too much money on stupid crap (such as movies, shoes, and pens)
If I said... I don't get really nervous and uncomfortable around strangers
If I said... I don't get frustrated living with my mother
If I said... I don't get jealous of people in my life sometimes
If I said... I don't use Facebook to stalk people
If I said... I don't run stray from my diet somedays
If I said... I don't have a hard time looking in the mirror most days
If I said... I'm completely happy with my job and income
If I said... I'm really comfortable about moving out of the house I grew up in
If I said... I could bring myself to stop buying nail polish

1 comment:

Stephanie Doyle said...

Well at least you know yourself and aren't in denial. But... seriously stop buying nail polish! lol