Monday, March 19, 2012

A really anti-climactic weekend

All the posts I've been seeing are all about all the crazy St Patty's day shenanigans.

This will not be one of those posts.

Here's a breakdown of my weekend happenings.

Went shopping after work with Kristine. I spent WAY more than I should have.
I got a couple things I'd been eyeballing, and tried on about half the store.
Speaking of clothes shopping, ya know how you can fall in love with a piece of clothing when you see it online and then you see it in a store and can't wait to try it on and take it home with you? I was SO stoked about the dresses and tops that I saw online at Maurice's.
Then I tried them on, and it was really disappointing.
Anyways, moving on.

I slept in longer than I'd wanted to. But it didn't stop me from getting to the gym for my workout. Then I think I took a nap (I have a hard time remembering two days ago, my bad). Then Chad and I pretty much spent our evening at home. Watching tv. 
Thrilling, I know.

I got up and went to church to ring in the service. Not much to say there.
I came home and ya know what I did?
I played Super Mario Bros on the Wii. For about 3 hours.
No Lie.
Anyways, after that, Chad and I played a few video games together (something we don't do often. He's a sore loser. Or he tries to "show" me something, takes the controller and I don't get to play anymore).
Then it was just a bit of a relaxing evening. Nothing special.

That's it my friends.
I'm sorry my posts never have any good pictures. I'm kind of a slacker. That, and I don't ever do anything photo worthy.

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