Monday, April 9, 2012

Afternoon Hike

It was another beautiful day here and after work today, Chad and I took advantage of it by going on a little hike with some of our best friends. 
We met up with Dustin, Hayley and little Mason and went up to some of the old logging roads where Chad and Dustin hunt during the fall and winter. 
It was a good workout, especially going up, but the view at the top was AMAZING.

Mason, even though he's not even 3 yet, was SUCH  a trooper. Dustin and Hayley brought their little backpack deal to carry him, but he threw a serious fit when they tried to put him in it (Hayley had to carry him for about 10 minutes, which was an amazing workout for her, haha). Anyways, by the time we reached the top, he was ready for a little rest with his mama.

After the hike back down, we met up for some mexican food to replenish our bodies (since God knows Chad lost a lot of his gas on that hike... he clearly needed to stock back up with refried beans).

Overall, it was a great end for a Monday. I'm loving that the weather has been so nice all weekend and today, and I really REALLY hope it sticks around for a while. It's definitely boosting my mood.

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Bethany said...

What a beautiful view!!!