Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Business

Hey kids! I hope everybody has had a great Easter! I know mine has been pretty good.
Let me show you:

I got up and went to the Easter church service this morning. Every year we have this wooden cross with this plastic mesh stuff stapled around it. When you come in to sit down, you get a flower, and during the service there is a time when everybody goes up and puts their flower in the mesh. It shows that the cross is no longer a place of pain an suffering, but a symbol of happiness and love (sorry for the religious moment, but I think it's a really great visual and way to look at it. It always makes for an amazing picture too).

After church, I headed over to Dustin's house where Chad was. Dustin's family was there for Easter breakfast, and his mom was nice enough to include Chad and I. After a while, it was time to go hide the eggs for the three little kids (actually it was more like two little kids and one kind of big kid). This is Mason opening his eggs. He was most excited about the candy, and the little plastic animals. He kept saying "Sharks!" or "more eggs!!!" It was awesome.

Last but not least was dinner with Chad's family at the farm. I snuck out after dinner to be in the sun and was able to snap some pictures of the horses. The paint is my horse Princess (aka Lad's Indian Princess, if you wanna get technical) and the other handsome guy is Jet (aka Idaho's Little Jet). They love each other.

Anyways, that's pretty much sums up my day. Now I have to spend some time doing chores, such as laundry, so I don't look like I just crawled out from under an overpass when I show up at work tomorrow. 

I hope everybody else has had a beautiful weekend and a relaxing easter!

Oh, PS: I clearly downloaded Instagram (thank God it's available for Android now!). My username is carly_ann_13.

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