Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life As of Late

I've found myself being somewhat busy lately. 
It's odd... usually I like to spend my time doing nothing except reading, reading blogs, shopping online, and sleeping. But lately I've been doing things like hanging out with real people in real life, and trying to get things done.

Anyways, let me just tell you about some of the more recent accomplishments of mine.

1. I booked the cabins for Sister's bachelorette party tonight! She got me her potential guest list, and I felt comfortable with getting the two cabins (they sleep 5 people each) with the understanding that some of these people live out of area, and some of them might just plain not be able to make it. Also, we have a site for her bridal shower (my mom's house... easy peasy) and just need to come up with a date and time. 
Side note: Ladies, I am looking to come up with some awesome Swag Bags, if you will, for these events. If you have any suggestions or websites you recommend, feel free to send them my way!

2. I tried a recipe I found on Pinterest (duh) tonight and it actually turned out to be delish. It didn't look as nice as the picture online does, for obvious reasons (such as I am not a culinary artist, nor did I have two hours on my hands to make sure I did it perfectly), but it tasted damn good. It's a Braided Spaghetti Bread thingy...

I recommend you make it one of these days. The only things I did wrong were put way too much spaghetti in it, and then was a little on the sloppy side with my actual braiding. 

3. I've been saving my money like a mad woman! Everytime i get paid I automatically pay some money on my car (I pay extra every month to get it paid off quicker), pay whatever necessary bills, and dump the rest of my money pretty much into my various savings accounts. Seriously, if any of you end up compulsively spending your money as soon as you get paid (whattt??? Don't try to even tell me I'm the only one), I highly recommend having multiple savings accounts to put money into for specific reasons. I'll delve deeper into this at a later date. Anyways, I am bound and determined to be better about saving so when a great house comes along, I can jump on it with a good size down payment (which you may or may not know is something that Chad and I haven't been prepared for. We've been counting on our zero down payment mortgage loan... that not all houses qualify for. Hence the problem.) Anyways, lately I have been spending maybe $40 of each paycheck on things I can't really justify. This makes me pretty dang happy (although I do feel absolutely tortured at times).

4. I've been trying to be more realistic and conscious of what I am eating. I was doing really well with my ViSalus shakes once or twice a day. Until I did the actual math and discovered that I was consuming more calories in my shakes twice a day than I was with the regular meals I had been eating before. Don't get me wrong, they taste great and I think it is a great way to start my day because it has so many vitamins and whatnot in it that I feel energized and it boosts my immune system. However, I don't think I need to be stressing about it all the time when I can have a salad with chicken and low fat dressing or a Lean Cuisine meal and have fewer calories and feel fuller.
This is my favorite one lately:

Anyways, those are some of the things I have been up to lately, aside from working like a dog.
And kicking ass and taking names at Super Mario Bros for the Wii.
Ballin' ain't easy ladies.

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