Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Letters.


Dear Homeowner, get with the times and get some technology in your life! The reason this whole offer thing is going to take so long is because apparently you are a caveman and are damn near impossible to get in touch with.

Dear Safeway, I hope that you are gentle with your pricing this weekend. I need to stock up on a limited budget because all my money is tied up trying to purchase the home of a caveman.

Dear Sunshine, I am pleased to hear that you will be gracing us with your presence once again this weekend. I am also happy to announce that I got my fishing license, so I can enjoy you whilst sitting in a boat with my line in the water, potentially catching us some din din.

Dear Chad, I appreciate you playing basketball with me to help keep me active. However, I would appreciate it even more if you didn't forget I am a girl about 6 inches shorter than you and you would stop trying to trip me and break my face.

Dear Self, keep your eye on the prize, and not on the mac and cheese. You will feel much better about yourself come next Friday.

Dear Kelly's Avenue Designs, Thank you! I saw my draft of my blog layout yesterday, and I am QUITE excited. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Dear Blog Readers, if you care to take advantage of the celebration of Kelly's Avenue Designs, she is offering $10 off all of her blog design packages until May 27th.
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Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

aww what a cute feminine blog! love it!

found you via the newlywed link up!

Ashley Slater said...

oh my goodness, safeway is SO expensive! and how exciting about the house!---even though its taking a long time! I hope it moves quickly for you! thanks for linking up with me this week!