Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today's post is dedicated to celebrating the birth of one of my favorite people in the whole world.
Such an amazing presence you have brought to our lives.
I feel so blessed to have such great friends who were able to bring such a great little person into the world.

These are some of the things that I adore about you:
When you would put the beer hat on and jump on your trusty steed and wave your arm around when the music would start
From the moment you could, you decided you wanted to be just another one of the guys.
The way you get so excited about your favorite movies and want everybody else to love them just as much as you!
The way you used to grab my hands and pull me over and say "CARS!" and then dump them out on the floor for me to play with.
When you think you're a ninja and sneak attack Chad.
How stinking cute you are as a bumble bee! And the way you finally realized that trick or treating meant you got all that candy...
The way you want everybody to watch you do things, and how happy it makes you when you make other people smile or laugh.
When you found that some of your easter eggs had candy in them, and when your Daddy asked for some and you would start to put it in his mouth and then change your mind and eat it yourself.
The way you can turn even a big meanie like Chad into a big ole softy and hold your new slide up for an hour so you could slide before your swingset was put together.
The way you add your own dirtbike sound effects "brapppp brappppp!!!"
When you want to do something and just keep saying "Daddy 'mon Daddy!" until he does it.
The way you've given your mommy the biggest and best reason to better herself as a person and follow her dreams!

So, to dear Mason Anthony Lobb,
I've  loved you since before you were born and I am so happy to be celebrating your 3rd birthday. I look forward to watching you grown over the year and can't imagine a better little fella to come into all of our lives.
Except for if/when Chad and i have our own baby... then you may have to step aside and show him/her the ropes :)

Love you so much GooBall!

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