Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Finally the Real Thing...

We did it... we put an offer in on a house!

Yes, I know the pictures of the inside aren't amazing. But the house is actually in great shape compared to a lot of the other places we've looked at.

The master suite is great. It's pretty much the only thing upstairs (aside from a little "den" that would be a perfect office space). It has it's own .75 bath, a walk in closet, and lots of space. 

It also has a one car garage, which isn't IDEAL for Chad, but it will fit our toys and his tools (for the time being). There's also two other bedrooms downstairs, one that can be a man cave, and one that would be great for a guest room/gym room. 

The yard is great. It has the cute little front yard with the white picket fence, and a BIG backyard that is fully fenced (which means Freaka may actually be able to go outside, rather than just sitting at the windows and screaming at us).

Other pluses include a hot tub, a laundry closet (rather than having your washer and dryer in the garage or in a closet in the kitchen, like a lot of places we've seen), and it's right next door to some friends of ours (they have that sweet tree house you can see in the first picture).

Anyways, we put our offer in today, but it is a short sale. So the homeowner has 24 hours to respond, and if they accept it, then it goes to the bank and they have 60 days to get back to us. There hasn't been any other offers put in and I'm hoping not much other interest.

Fingers crossed!

*all pictures courtesy of www.JohnLScott.com


Alison Sokol said...

That is awesome! I hope you get it. It looks really cute :)

silvertag said...

Yay! I'm excited for you!!