Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adventurous Thursday!

So today was a day of firsts for me and it's very exciting (and exhausting).

My first first of the day (did you follow that?) was my first ever REAL riding lesson. I've gotten pointers and whatnot from friends when I've ridden horses before, but I've never had someone really sit there and watch me and teach me things. But, in an effort to get my horse sold, my friend Greer suggested I bring my horse to her riding instructor to get a real evaluation on her and find out what a fair price would be for me to put her on the market for. Anyways, I rode a HUGE draft horse for my lesson and learned some really good things.

And THEN on our way back, my friend Greer and I realized we should probably get some lunch. And since I had only $14 and Greer forgot her wallet, we decided to go with cheap. Enter: TACO TRUCK!
(disclaimer: This isn't the actual taco truck we ate at... this one is about a block away...)

Seriously, BEST burrito I've had in a long time. We got two HUGE burritos and water for only $9! NINE DOLLHAIRS! What a steal. I couldn't even finish it. 

Oh, and another great thing that happened? Ya know the post I wrote yesterday? The one that mentioned how upset I am with Comcast for taking away my phone number? Well, I got a comment on that post from "ComcastCares1" saying that they would see what they can do about getting our old phone number back for us (but that they couldn't make any promises). So yay! Bitching on my blog may finally have benefited me in a tangible way (rather than just making me feel better by bitching, haha).

Anyways, those are my adventures for the day.

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Lin said...

I love eating from those food trucks. Granted you kinda take a risk of food poisoning when you eat there but often it's really worth it.