Sunday, October 21, 2012

Boom Boom Pow!

Please don't ask about the title of this blog post. I don't know what is happening. I am think I am so busy that I am delusional.

Anyways, here are a few things that I have done this weekend:

1. FINALLY got new tires on my car. Granted,  my mother bought them for me (probably because she would rather buy me new tires than pay for my early funeral when my tires blow and I fly off the freeway), but I am SO happy that I can drive in the rain - and go the speed limit - without fear of death.

2. I found Chad's potential wedding band!! I was at Fred Meyer jewelers getting my ring cleaned and inspected, and as I was wandering around looking at all the pretty things, it just jumped out at me. 
It's camo (in case you couldn't tell) and it is some fancy metal I've never heard of (Vitalium?). Those black spots aren't really black though, the whole thing is just different textures and whatnot. I am quite excited to tell him about it (not that he'll be excited to hear about it, haha).

3. I went to Costco with my mom and I spent less than $60! That is MADNESS! Especially since all the Christmas stuff is out and I LOVE Christmas stuff. I got out of there with dishwasher detergent, guacamole, one roll of wrapping paper, two rolls of ribbon, and batman sweatshirt for little Mason. I'm trying to decide if I should give it to him now or save it and give it to him as a Christmas present.

4. I went to Home Depot BY MYSELF. Since Chad went away to hunting camp again this weekend, I had to go run errands and get things myself, which meant going to Home Depot. I managed to find everything I needed (which was duct tape and a wall mount can crusher). It only took me about 20 minutes to find these two things (and I asked for help from two people in the fun orange aprons). Now if only I could find the cord for my drill thingy so I could actually install the aforementioned can crusher.

4. I've spent lots of quality time with Buck. I love getting to hog him while Chad's gone, but I hate it when I have to go places and leave him home alone because he looks so sad.

Anyways, that is what I have been up to, along with various other chores, which I really should be getting back to...

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Lin said...

That was pretty kick ass of your mom, considering tires can be pretty pricey. But like you said, guess it's cheaper than a funeral :/

Haha, that's one cool ring!