Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

I have a lot of stuff that happened over the past couple days, but due to the fact that I am fond of you guys, I will give you the cliff notes version.

Christmas Eve: 
Work until 3.
Come home and get my monster prime rib in the oven and desperately try to clean our living room for dinner.
Go to Chad's dad's house for some appetizers and gift opening.
Run BACK to our house (where the prime rib was still cooking) to get dinner all finished up and on the table.
Christmas eve church service (my FAVORITE church service of the year).
Back home to stay up until 1:45 to wrap gifts (I've never been so unprepared for Christmas in my life!)

Christmas Day (aka Today):
My mom, Sister, and brother in law came over at 8 to open gifts.
Off to Chad's mom's house at 10:30 for Christmas breakfast (where the white elephant gifts were 95% booze!)
On to Chad's aunt and uncle's house at 2:30 for dinner.
Back home for me to take a much needed nappy nap and Chad out hunting.

It was a great holiday, even though I was abnormally stressed out this year, what with all the work we've been trying to do around the house and whatnot. And now, since I know you're dying to find out what I got  from Santa, here you have it:

Island Oasis Paradise Island lounge



Gift Cards

Other Goodies
Yep, Sister and brother in law bought FRONT ROW TICKETS for all 5 of us!!!!

I got so many other great things too, but we don't have all day here people.

I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas and you got to spend it with your friends and loved ones!
Back to the grind tomorrow...

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Lin said...

Holy hell girl, you got a ton of great stuff! I love that Island lounge, makes me want it to be summer already haha.