Monday, February 25, 2013

Vaca Recap

I will try to keep this short, since I know hearing about my 9 days of vacation won't really be that exciting for any of you.
So here's the basics:

Saturday Feb 16 and Sunday Feb 17: Driving... and driving and driving. From Fall City to Anaheim. Got all checked into our accomodations (the floor of the Anaheim United Methodist Church... real classy for us!)

Monday Feb 18 and Tuesday Feb 19: Two full days at Disneyland and California Adventure. LOTS of walking, running, and waiting in line.

Wednesday Feb 20: The kids performed for Disney Performing Arts on the Hollywood Backlot Stage. They did amazing, even though the wind picked up and started blowing their music pages all over. Then we closed the park out.

Thursday Feb 21: Spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm.

Friday Feb 22: All day at Universal Studios.

Saturday Feb 23 and Sunday Feb 24: Two days driving back home again... tempers were running high, so we were all SUPER stoked to get home.

Now, for my review of the different parks... such as favorite rides:

Space Mountain: This may have been my favorite ride there... the fact that it's all dark in there and you can't really tell where the tracks are going makes it fun.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The effects and animatronics (or whatever they are) on this ride are INCREDIBLE.
Splash Mountain: This is probably a runner up. It was fun, but I sat in the front, and got COMPLETELY soaked. I had to buy a new shirt. Some of the kids on the trip went on it 20+ times in a row. Fools.
Matterhorn: I think this was my least favorite. It was really uncomfortable and jerky.

California Adventure:
Radiator Springs Racers: This is the new Cars ride and the line was two hours long most of the time, and for good reason. SO MUCH FUN.
Tower of Terror: I have never screamed so much in my life. This was another ride that we went on multiple times. 
California Screamin': As far as roller coasters go, it's pretty dang fun. 
Soarin Over California: This one is a lot of fun, but makes you a little dizzy. But it's awesome how it will show you flying over orange groves and they import orange scents.

Knott's Berry Farm:
The Xcellerater: Um, this ride is NUTS. It goes from 0 to 82 in about 2 seconds. It's a short ride, but by the time you get off you don't know anything about your life anymore, haha.
Silver Bullet: This is the one that they show in the commercials and whatnot. Where your legs dangle and you go upside down and whatnot. A lot of fun.
La Revolucion: This didn't look like it would be all that fun, but it was!

Universal Studios:
Transformers 3D: This is another new ride. The creativity these people have when it comes to designing a ride is NUTS.
The Simpsons: Another 3D ride where you feel like you're part of what is going on in the screen in front of you.
Backlot Tour: This is cool because it takes you back around to real movie/TV sets. We saw the Bates Motel, Wisteria Lane, and lots of other cool places. 
Animal Actors show: They bring out lots of animals that are featured in movies and TV shows and they do tricks and all sorts of cool stuff.

That's it friends. Those are my favorite rides and attractions. Check 'em out!

I'll probably be back tomorrow to post pictures!

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