Monday, March 25, 2013

TV Talk

Now that there is no more Boob Tube Babble link up, I feel like I NEVER get a chance to talk about my favorite TV shows (except with my friend in real life... but that's not the same).
So now that a lot of my favorite shows are coming to their season finales I NEED to talk about them. *Spoilers Ahead*

Pretty Little Liars

It's been a while since I've really talked about PLL, just because I've been busy and so many people are at different places in the season as far as what they've see. Here are my thoughts lately:

I don't know how to feel about Mona. I do feel like she is being played by Red Coat... she has those little glimpses where she kind of indicates that she may not be ALL bad, but at the same time she made her own bed.
I was also SO happy to hear that Toby was on the A team so that he could protect Spencer. That was what I was thinking the whole time, but I just can't be sure with these people.
I'm also really glad that the girls discovered what Spencer was hiding so they could all stick together.

Now, for those of you who also read the books, what are your thoughts on the fire at the end? It makes me wonder where Melissa is in all of this, as well as Cici. 

The Lying Game

I am really starting to question who the real murderer is. I was totally on track thinking it was Rebecca, but at the same time I don't know... It makes sense. She did mention about how Jordan made that call from the wrong city when the crowbar was put in Alec's golf bag, and it makes sense to me that she might go after Theresa in order to protect Ted. But the way she was crying when she talked to Emma made me kind of feel like maybe she was just trying to get her family back together and didn't mean anything as sinister as murder.

I'm really glad that Emma and Sutton are getting along better, and that Ted knows about them being together. But i really wish they would tell Kristin. I think that the longer they hide it from her, the worse it's going to look later.

And Thayer... WHOA. When he kicked Emma out at the end of the night, it for sure seemed like he was going to physically hurt her, and then it shows that big metal stake in his couch. Is he in cahoots with Rebecca? Is he doing it so he can get closer to Emma, to drive her and Ethan apart?? 


What the hell happened to this show?? There hasn't been a new episode since February 11, but there wasn't a finale or anything like that, and then nothing has been said!

I'm also feeling the same way with Nashville. I love this show... I am really hoping that Deacon and Rayna end up together again, but then after the surprise birthday party there hasn't been any new episodes, and no announcements about when it is coming back or anything. WTF?

Anyways, those are my current TV addictions. Anything else good that I should be watching??

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Miranda said...

i think Nashville is back this thursday! at least it better be! of course the finale of PLL i want to know what's in that damn trunk! but i def cici is part of the A team...if she isn't red coat. i'm also glad Toby is back!