Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend

(So I started this post on Sunday night and somehow I never posted it... my bad)

I don't know about you guys, but this weekend was BEAUTIFUL!
Seriously, the weather here was AMAZING. 

Friday night, Chad and I just stayed home and relaxed. He's been working pretty much 12 hour days for the past two weeks, so he was pretty beat. We ended up just sitting on the couch, catching up on Bates Motel (in case you haven't watched it, it is MESSED. UP.) and then going to bed.

Saturday was spent doing chores... we went to Costco to spend lots of money, cleaned the kitchen, and then went to do some work cleaning up in the front yard. I'm not really very good when it comes to plants and gardening, but I THINK most of the stuff I pulled out was weeds. Then we tried to barbecue and discovered that our grill didn't get cleaned QUITE as well as it should have been last year... and it was all moldy... whoops. 
Then we spent some time with some friends and then went home to hit the sack.

Then EASTER!!! 
This is the first time in YEARS that I haven't been required to go to church (not that I hate church or anything, but it was nice to not be required to go). So Chad and I went to our friend Dustin's family breakfast and spent some time eating, hiding eggs for the little kids, and then watching them find them. And then it was off to the farm to spend some time with the Evans clan. We sat in the sun (I got a bit burnt... no surprises there) chatting, and once again watched the kids hunt for eggs. 

Here's a few snap shots of my Easter festivities:

I was pretty damn proud of my easter cuppycakes. Mad skills, yo.

 Mason's not quite sure where to go look for eggs...
...but then he found one and flung it through the air because he was so excited.

Easter eggs grow on trees around here...

Egg hunting on the farm...
Chad's aunt got a new puppy... meet Losa! (they are dog trainers and people are frequently giving them free dogs with fantastic bloodlines... lucky ducks!)
Gotta love the view from the grandparents back porch...

Anyways, sorry I was a loser and failed to actually post this when I thought I did... I'll be back tomorrow with a couple book reviews!

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