Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gripes and Gratitudes

So I was thinking about having a complete bitch session in this post, but then I remembered that I'm trying to have a more positive outlook on life, since a negative attitude doesn't enhance life.

So I decided that I will offset my angry words with a positive thought on the subject. Okay? Go.

Drivers. Particularly the slow ones.
Sweet LORD, get out of my way! I swear to you, every other car I was behind today was a Buick going 10-15 under the speed limit. I get it. It's Sunday. It's a little rainy out (rain, in Seattle? NO...!). But if you're not willing to go the speed limit on the freeway, get the eff  into the slow lane! It's people like you that cause traffic, because you and your slow driving friends decide you all want to go 58 in a 70 and you all drive right next to each other across all the lanes. Don't worry about the rest of us normal-speed-driving people behind you trying to get shit done. You guys just take your time.

On the plus side, I appreciate that you are driving safely. But please do so in the slow lane.

People who bitch about being in the military.

I LOVE our military. I love that we have such brave men and women who put it all on the line to do what they have to do to protect our country. Hats off to you, I wouldn't be able to do it.
However, if you voluntarily sign on to be in the military, especially people sitting on a base somewhere partying every weekend and not in a dangerous place, please don't log on to facebook and talk shit about your job. I don't know anybody NOT in the military that regularly goes online and starts bashing their bosses and jobs... sounds like a good way to get fired to me! I don't think you were given any false hope that it would be all glamorous and hearts-flowers-kittens stuff. You're getting free housing, and a free education in most cases, as well as the chance to play tourist in a lot of amazing places (obviously not ALL people in the military get these things, but the ones I'm friends with have). Suck it up, and stop signing on for more time if you hate it so much.

Stores that don't carry all their sizes.

I don't know that i have a positive side to this one. But I really hate it when I look at something online and I really think I'll like it, but when I got to the store to try it on, they don't have the size I need in the store. Do they not understand that big girls need to try stuff on before they buy it? Of all the people, we are the ones that can't just buy things without trying them on first!!
I want this dress for a hawaiian themed bridal shower, but don't wanna buy it without trying it on first...

Mondays. Those bastards.

I know I'm not alone here. The only good thing about Mondays are that... wait... nope, nothing.

Anyways loves, that's what's on my mind. Nothing exciting to report about the weekend. Did a little fishing, got some sun, drank some wine, broke into my own house. The usual.

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