Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is This Real Life?

Let's just jump right in to talk about my unusually busy weekend.

Anybody who's been around here before knows that I have a severe attachment to my Seahawks, so clearly I'm VERY excited about our victory on Sunday evening. 
I'm just going to end my Seahawks chatter with that, since I don't think anybody needs to hear it. (But let's just say that Macklemore feels the same way I do)

In other news from this weekend, I forced my sister to accompany me on another ill-fated wedding dress shopping trip. Not only was I dreading the experience in general (you can read about my first experience here), but I had also had a bit to drink the night before, so all I really wanted was a nap. But I wanted to make sure I took the time to hit a couple more stores before I make a decision on my dress, so out we went.
Long story short, I'm really difficult to find a perfect dress for, so I definitely didn't find anything that I wanted at either of the stores I went to. 
Buuuuttttt on the bright side, I did have a couple good experiences. I got to use one of those new age, fancy pants soda machines at Taco Time where I can basically create my own soda (mmmmm... Strawberry Sprite!), and I also got to have my very first Dick's Drive In burger!!

My review? The burger was DELISH. Especially considering the fact that it cost, like, $2.30. The fries were just okay... not as phenomenal that I had hoped. The worst part? They don't take anything except cash. I had this great idea to buy my sister her lunch since I forced her to drive me around and deal with my picky wedding dress requirements. But then we get there and find out no VISA... so she got stuck paying for me instead. Whoops...

The other really exciting thing I stumbled upon is the show Revenge. 
I've been using my Netflix membership to watch Grey's Anatomy while I work out, but yesterday I decided to expand my horizons and the next thing you know, I've spent 4 hours falling head first into the weird secret life of Emily Thorne (or shall I say Amanda Clarke?).
Talk about a woman scorned... or something like that.

Anyways, that's pretty much the extent of my weekend happenings. 

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