Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had another successful workout yesterday after work. I changed into my mismatched gym clothes, filled my water bottle, and set to work on the elliptical. Once again, I felt so accomplished and I was QUITE excited to head home and make a delicious dinner for me and Chad. Which never happened. Don’t get me started on that one.
Wait, I am ALREADY started. Here comes the rant… Chad KNEW that I was planning a nice dinner for the two of us. He had his assignment of stopping at the grocery store and picking up the mini bottle of white wine to make the sauce (since I can’t afford the $1.67 it costs to purchase one of those ridiculous bottles of wine). I get home, I shower, and I tried calling him to find out where the heck he was. No answer. ANNOYING. I call again about 15 minutes later. And what is he doing? RIDING HIS FREAKING DIRTBIKE. “Well,” I say, “are you on your way home?” He replies with “no, I probably won’t be home for another hour.” WHAT?! Keep in mind, it is about 6:45 and I can’t eat past 8 if I plan to shed this soft cushion around my middle. Long story short, I hang up on him, cry, and drown my sorrows in boursin cheese and crackers. Whoops…
But, back to the story at hand. After my little cheese binge last night, I was sure that I would wake up this morning at legit whale status and weigh approximately 400 pounds. But, the good news is that I was at 198. I know, I started this blog weighing in at 197. Then I lost two pounds. Did I fail to mention to you that I ended up gaining 5 pounds at some point in the past few weeks…? My bad.
BUT, I am back on track now and losing weight makes me feel so good. Maybe that is why I gain so much weight… so I can get that satisfied feeling when I lose it again. Is that weird? Probably. I am a glutton for punishment I guess.

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