Saturday, May 21, 2011

Man, it feels SHITTY to be a woman!

Why is it that boys lose weight SO much easier than girls do? I think it’s BULLSHIT. I have a friend who has kind of struggled with his weight a little bit the past few years, and he told me this morning that he started having a slim fast shake for breakfast and he has lost 13 freaking pounds. REALLY?! If I switched to just having a Slim Fast shake for breakfast, I feel like I might lose, oh, I don’t know, a pound a month.
I sometimes just really feel like boys get the easy life when it comes to weight. Chad can eat 3000 calories a day and not gain any weight at all, yet if I eat 1500 calories a day, I will wake up 2 pounds heavier. What gives?! I have another friend (who shall remain nameless) that will do heinous things like dipping potato chips in melted butter, or eat mayonnaise with a freaking spoon, and he is cut like a mo fo.
I have initiated a challenge (in my own head, without telling anybody) to lose more weight by the 4th of July than my chubby man friend does. I guess I’ll get back on the Slim Fast train.
Choo choo!!

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