Friday, June 10, 2011

Funny Inspiration

It’s feel good Friday people!!
While this week has presented me with some very frustrating situations (such as this strange feeling in my head that like to say is due to maybe all my skull bones actually disappearing), I am determined to end the week on a good note.
Things that I am looking forward to this weekend: Taking my horse on a trail ride in the sun, working in the yard, mid day naps, and catching up on some TV while cleaning the house. I am sure that some of you people don’t think those are things to get excited about, but BACK OFF. This is my post and I can be excited about whatever I want, capiche?
It is also payday, which makes life that much better! Although I appear to already have blown all my money on paying bills and shoveling it into my various savings accounts, it is nice to feel like I have money for a minute or two.
On a different note, I am currently reading a really great book that I didn’t think would relate to me as much as it has. It is called “Chocolate, Please” by Lisa Lampanelli. For those of you who don’t know who that is, you may want to consider turning on Comedy Central sometime and watching the roast of a celebrity. Then you will know who I am talking about when I mention Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean. Anyways, her book is about her life and, while it is really funny and entertaining, it has some very serious topics mentioned in it, including her addiction to food. Now, personally, I can relate to this, as she is a fatty after my own heart (except I drink more and am not fascinated by the African American penis). But, she also talks about her codependency issues, which I know there are a lot of people out there that would be able to smell what she’s steppin in when she talks about that stuff.

Overall, I am just trying to tell you that, if you want to read something about weight issues by a hilarious woman, you should probably check it out.

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