Tuesday, June 7, 2011

JHP(U #*($HUNEP)_@)(#$+@)$*(JKLJSDGF&#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have come to the conclusion that I am in a rut. Like, a HUGE rut. A rut left by the tires of the dump truck that delivered the 6 tons of gravel at my house this morning.
Everytime I think that I am making progress and I lose a few pounds, two days later I have gained it all back for no apparent reason. I mean, really?! What the French, toast?? I don’t change my eating habits, I do the same amount of physical workouts… yet I keep getting screwed!
I am seriously so frustrated right now that I am considering going on some sort of disgusting liquid diet like the celebrities do at their “cleansing spas”. Ya know, something along the lines of vinegar, pickle juice, pureed clams, with a splash of grapefruit juice.
This is a short post because I just feel like screaming and crying and having a legit meltdown. If you need me, I will be curled up in the trunk of my car weeping softly to myself.

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