Friday, June 3, 2011

Feel Good Friday

This post won't be so much about my fatness, or eating healthy or anything along those lines. This is really just a feel good post. Because, for once, I FEEL GOOD.

It probably has something to do with the fact that the sun is out right now, and that really REALLY makes me feel happy. I am beginning to think that I suffer from SAD. Because everytime the sun starts to come out after all of our dreary Washington rain has effectively saturated my attitude, I get really happy and feel the desire to sing and dance and put on a bikini and frolic in the sandy beaches of the Snoqualmie River. (Don't worry, I WON'T!). It also really motivates me to get out and do things. And since I have started to become mildly obsessed with doing non-workout exercises, this is the perfect opportunity.

The things I have planned for my weekend of being happy and healthy include the following:
  • Shovelling gravel- we got a dump truck load of gravel delivered today, to fill in the areas in the backyard that I shovelled last weekend. This was VERY exciting news to me. I had to BEG Chad to make sure he didn't move all the gravel without me (ha, fat chance!).
  • Walking my dog- since Buck has been on a diet largely consisting of pizza (refer to my past post if you don't believe me), he is in need of exercise just as much as I am. With the next few days promising 70+ degree weather, it will be a really good time for us to get our rears in gear and battle our jiggly parts together.
  • Grooming my horse- That's right people, I GOT A HORSE!! Technically I am only care leasing her, but whatever. I have found that when I am keeping myself busy with her, I don't even feel the need to eat until I get home and my stomach tells me that I haven't succombed to its nagging for 10 hours. This is GREAT! Not only do I get to miss a couple meals (which my jeans thank me for), I get to spend time with my horse, AND I get to be out in the sun. TRIPLE THREAT!
  • Barbecuing- One of my favorite summer activities is barbecuing. And I don't mean hot dogs and hamburgers. No no, no no. I fully intend to slam out some of my favorite barbecue treats... kabobs! Throw some chicken, peppers, and onions on a skewer with some marinade and you have yourself a delicacy. Not too bad on the calorie count either.
So friends, that is my feel good post for the day. In fact, I think that I will start having Feel Good Friday posts every week. Stay Tuned.

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