Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spicing up my workouts

I haven’t posted for a couple days because I don’t know have a whole lot of stuff to talk about right now. So I have decided to dedicate a couple paragraphs to some unconventional exercise activities that I have found in my life over time.
The first, and newest to me, is YARD WORK. Who would’ve thought that busting my ass in the yard would actually give me a workout? Not me. I always thought of yard work as sitting in the dirt and pulling weeds (because that is what my parents always told me to do). But, I had this great motivational plan to get my backyard in good condition again. Let’s throw a big summer party!! My mom was all for this because she is like me and loves that sort of shit. Good thing nothing has been done with our backyard for approximately 25 years. Not a huge task to take on or anything. Pfftt. Cut to having to recruit some landscaper friends to tell us how to do this crap. So, back to my exercise. I spent a good 3 hours on Monday just digging in the freaking dirt. Just digging and scooping and shoveling. Dirt. If I ever pick up another shovel in my life, it will be too soon. I am STILL sore.
Now, to my next unconventional cardio workout. AIR-obics. For those of you uneducated saps reading this, that is aerobics, but on a trampoline. It is seriously a freaking blast. But it will also whoop your shit. A couple of friends and I were going twice a week, every week for a few months, but then we got busy and broke and kind of fell out of the habit. But, I am happy to say that I will be starting my regular trips to Sky High back up tomorrow, no matter what. I am even going to sacrifice $8 of my Fairly Tale wedding money to pay for it. Hell, it will be a while before I can fit my fat ass in a wedding dress anyways.
Stay tuned for more unusual workout secrets.

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