Friday, June 17, 2011

Not So Good Friday

So, I know I have been QUITE absent this week, but I have had a lot going on actually. Shocking, I know, since I never have anything happening, haha.
Today is Feel Good Friday, but LET ME TELL YOU, it did NOT start out well.
A little background: Today was my last day of work before a week long vacation. This week every summer is when Chad and I head down to Oregon with some of our best friends to hit the Oregon Coast dunes. It is a GREAT time, and I have been looking forward to it a lot.
With that said, last night Chad told me that we would NOT be able to go to Oregon. I nearly blew a fucking gasket. I made reservations approximately a month ago upon his request for us and two of our friends. I have been saving money for two months so I have funds for this endeavor. This is the only vacation Chad and I EVER take together, so you can be damn sure I make the most of it.
His reasoning was stupid, and I don’t want to get into it, because I am wasting my Feel GOOD Friday by bitching about this.
So, some things about today that have made me feel good…
1.       It was my last day of work before my weeklong vacation.
2.       I went shopping on my lunch break and got some cute new stuff from Maurice’s (sure, I went just for a pair of sandals and came out with those sandals, a pair of shoes, two dresses, a top, and 3 headbands…)
3.       I went and got a tattoo on a whim after work.
4.       I completed work on our float for the Fall City Days parade.
So these are the things that have made me feel good today… along with the fact that I am home alone so I can watch whatever I want on TV and stay up however late I want.

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