Sunday, July 17, 2011

That's What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas

Well my friends, I have returned from Vegas in one piece. But I may have acquired a gambling problem in the form of one particular slot machine and video blackjack. Good thing Kenny (the BFFL’s boyfriend) got me one of those little pamphlets with the 1-800 number on it for me to call for support. Anyways, I’ll get on to the pictures/Vegas stories.
First I will be listing my 3 favorite things about the trip:
  1. The Tournament of Kings at Excaliber. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it is a $65 dinner show that starts with soup, followed by a WHOLE Cornish game hen with veggies, and ending with dessert. No silverware allowed! And all the while you watch men in tights (some hunky, some not so hunky) ride horses, joust, and sword fight. Not to mention the impeccably trained horses.
  2. Winning money at the casinos! I have NEVER gambled before, so I can’t believe how much fun I had playing penny slots. And $0.25 video blackjack. I almost lost my ass a couple times, but I came out pretty even.
  3. Spending time with Chad on a trip with no dirtbikes, no time restraints, and SUN! I got him a great outfit to wear, but he never did. And he swears he will never wear the shoes again, but I think I could PROBABLY twist his arm to wear them again. Especially because we have some weddings to attend this summer.
  4. Fat Tuesday! No better deal than $1 jello shots. WITH WHIPPED CREAM!
  5. Free drinks while gambling. Give me a vodka pineapple at my Black and White Sevens penny machine and I will be happy all night.
My 3 least favorite things about the trip are as follows:
  1. The hotel bathroom. To the naked eye, it looked great when you walk in. Big tub to the right, big shower, double sinks. Then to go through another door into what I like to refer to as the toilet closet. It seems like a great idea at first glance. Until you realize that the aforementioned closet has no fan in it. And when Chad goes into the bathroom for 10 minutes, followed by Kenny for another 10, if you cherish your life, you will want a fan on in there. Take my word for it. Then you can add to that fact that all the dang doors up in that joint need to be hit with some serious WD40. Nothing like trying to be considerate of your compadres when you have to pee early in the morning and having it screech like the hinges on a casket in a horror movie.
  2. Walking. The strip is quite a long stretch, in case you didn’t know. Especially when it is 100 degrees outside and you are used to the toasty mid 60s of the Seattle area. I tore up one of my toes on my cheap flippy floppies, and the bottoms of my feet were quite sore and let’s just say that Chad is not the most gentle when it comes to a foot rub.
  3. The cost of drinks at clubs/restaurants. We did a Club Crawl package which took us to Cathouse, LAX, Studio 54, and Pure. It seemed like a killer deal for only $74, which included cover, and party bus (with alcohol) between clubs. That is until you realized that the drinks in those places were all over $10 a piece! At Cathouse I ordered a cocktail (for a mere $12) and an ice water, and the douche nozzle in there told me that he was “not allowed” to serve me ice water. Which is a load of shit if you ask me. Anyways, those prices were a little high, but pretty close to what the cost of drinks were at all the restaurants also.
So that is the synapsis of our trip. So let the pictures commence. (For more about our trip, you can hop over to my BFFL Kristine's blog here, as I am sure she will be posting a plethora of good stuff herself.)

(Bellagio... BEAUTIFUL)

(Some of my faves from Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum)

(Random Pics from throughout the trip)

(The Venetian... another gorgeous hotel)

(Chad and I out "clubbin"... check out his half unbuttoned shirt. Sexy.)

That's it for now kids. I will probably have more stories at a later date.

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