Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Tradtions!!!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

This MIGHT be my favorite post of the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge because it is about HALLOWEEN!!!

For the past 5 years, I have centered my Halloween around throwing an epic costume party at Chadillac’s house. It had a HUGE lot for parking, it was right on a river, and it was a TOTAL bachelor pad, so it didn’t matter if the place got trashed. We would get kegs, I would make jello shots, witches brew, and various goblin goodies. Alas, Chad no longer lives at the crazy party pad (since he moved in with me about 6 months ago… YAY!) so I am going to have to make new Halloween memories. But, before I move on to other Halloween traditions, let’s take a little peeksie back at some of my Halloween memories:

The first party, Halloween 2006. Rainbow Brite and the Beer Keg.

2007… cute little witch on the left

Ah, the year of 2008. I LOVED this costume. It helps I had slimmed down a bit the months before Halloween.

2009 you can see I was ballooning back up again. But it was the first time Chad agreed to matching costumes!

Finally, and most recently, Dorothy!! We repurposed Chad’s keg costume to be the Tin Man, and then Kristine was the scarecrow. And that sneaky bugger is Texas… our cowardly lion

You can definitely see my weight fluctuations over the years in these pictures. Blech. Let’s hope I start slimming down in the costumes to come.

My next favorite Halloween tradition has to do with the weeks coming up on Halloween. I absolutely LOVE taking time off from work (with the excuse of getting ready for the aforementioned Halloween party) and sitting home all day, in bed, watching Halloween movies and TV shows. Some of my favorites? I’m glad you asked….

Hocus Pocus. Who DOESN’T love this movie?? I could watch it EVERY DAY, for reals. No play play.

Scariest Places On Earth. Nothing creeps me out more than sitting in my room in the dark watching stories about haunted places and stuff. Usually I watch this at night time before bed. Hopefully Chad can deal with that.

The Little Vampire. I didn’t see this movie for the first time until I was a senior in high school (pathetic, I know). Now, I insist on seeing it at least once at Halloween time.

Harry Potter Marathon!!! I always feel the need to watch all the Harry Potter movies around Halloween. I guess it is just the magical aspect. Any excuse to watch them is good for me.

Next up we have pumpkins! My friend Jamie’s birthday is about a week before Halloween, so she usually has a pumpkin carving party. We go to their house and carve, and then set them all up on their front porch for the trick or treaters. And THEN, we do ANOTHER pumpkin carving event a few days before Halloween for the Halloween party decorations. This year, things will be a little different. I will still be doing some carving, but I also plan to use some of these new techniques for pumpkin decorating, and we will be putting them outside OUR front door for Halloween.

Use black tacks to make designs in pumpkins. Mess free!

Put a pumpkin in a designed stocking for a SUPER quick decoration.

Spray paint pumpkins black and scratch out designs.

There are SO many things I could say about Halloween, but we don’t have all day. Cheers to Halloween!think I may go get my count down blocks out RIGHT NOW!!!


Bekah said...

Love love this! I am so freaking excited for Halloween too. This post makes me so happy! Miss you lots and our Halloween fun Carly Lovie Pants!

Kendra said...

HOCUS POCUS!!! Oh my how I love that movie!!

Anonymous said...

Linking up from Brunch with Amber!!

I LOVE Hocus Pocus! Probably my all time favorite Halloween movie!!

Your pictures are great!