Friday, September 30, 2011

Man, I must getting old...

I know the suspense must be killing you folks about what has been going on in my life this week. Wait no more my pets.

The biggest news I have is about my right foot. Approximately 7 years ago, my foot swelled up and looked like a softball. Seemingly spontaneous. I didn’t do anything about it for quite some time, and when I finally did, the doctor gave me a cortizone shot and told me to come back for x rays some other time. Long story short, I never did, and my foot never got better.

Now, usually the pain is one of those pains that is just kind of always there but you learn to deal with it… what makes it hurt, what makes it feel better, etc. However, this particular pain chooses to flair up on its own will, mostly likely just to complicate my life.

So, finally I’d had enough. I made myself an appointment to see a doctor in Orthopedics. Little to my knowledge, it would be a month and a half before said appointment was available, and the excruciating pain I endured anytime I took a step would be gone by the time I finally had my appointment. Oh well, better late than never.

So, I go in and have x rays done, and finally see the doctor. He takes one look at my x rays and says “whoa?! When did you break this foot??” and when I told him that I had no recollection of said incident that broke my foot, he goes on to tell me that I suffered some sort of severe trauma. Aside from that, my second and third toes are the exact same length, meaning that my joints in my foot are right next to each other and slam into each other like some sort of bowling pins on a regular basis. PLUS, as a result of the break 7 years ago, I have multiple little bone spurs just chillin in my foot.

Oh, and I have arthritis in one foot joint. How’s that for impressive? One arthritic toe at the age of 24. Son of a…

So, what I was told at the end of the appointment, I was told to get supportive shoes, and set up a time for surgery. Surgery to not only remove the bone spurs, but to also shorten one of those toes so the joints aren’t knockin together like bumper cars.

I wish I had gotten the disc of the regular x rays, but here is the image of my foot from when I got my cortizone shot (that little line blocking the joints in question is the needle in my foot). You can see where the two joints are right in line with each other.

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