Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's that you hear?? Oh yeah, that's the 12th man!!!

Well, given that it is the first regular season football game, I decided it would be appropriate to do a post about my beloved Seahawks. I know we are sometimes the laughing stock of the NFL, but whatever. We are in a rebuilding phase.
First, let me tell you about my FAVORITE part of this season so far. No more Matt Hasselbeck!! I know, I know, he used to be a GREAT quarterback, of this I am sure. However, he is getting old, and he has had too many injuries. Anytime he is in a bind and needs to make a run for it, I could just hear the cracking of his bones through the TV. Forget about the interceptions he liked to throw. He would get scared, have nobody open, yet throw it directly to the other team just to prevent himself from getting sacked. Oy. Overall, Hasselbeck saw us through some great times (hello SuperBowl 2006!) but he has steadily declined and I think it was time to bid him adieu.

Moving along to his replacements, we have Charlie Whitehurst, who played a few games last season as good ole Matt’s backup, as well as our new starter, Tavaris Jackson. I think that these guys both have some good potential. Charlie has had some experience in a real NFL game, but that doesn’t mean he is ready to carry our team. Jackson came to us from the Vikings as Brett Favre’s backup (coincidentally, Matt Hasselbeck was Favre’s backup when he was a young lad as well), and in the games he played in, he didn’t do much to impress. I am hoping he brings us some luck. Whitehurst hasn’t done us wrong too badly, so hoping these two fellas can pull through for us. (Side note: I heard a DJ on the radio yesterday saying that Seattle obviously made a mistake in the starting lineup today by starting Jackson as our quarterback instead of “the guy who clearly represents Jesus”. Yes, one of our quarterbacks has a striking resemblance to Jesus… good luck??)
(Charlie Whitehurst... see the resemblance)

Now, for things that upset me (aka players we have lost in recent years).

Olindo Mare. What the HECK would we get rid of him?! In the past couple seasons, he has been our only hope for scoring any points!! That guy can KICK. I am annoyed.

Nate Burleson. Man oh man. He was my favorite. Sure, we only had him for, what? Two seasons? But in those two seasons with us, he was the MAN. I got a special made jersey of his specifically to show my love and support… yet then he was gone. Boo.
(see this dance? This screams "I'm the shit!!!")

Lofa Tatupu. How, I mean HOW could we let him go????? I seriously don’t know how getting rid of our best players is going to help us win games. He has been an integral part of our defense, and now he is gone... *sniff*

Along with Lofa, we lost Houshmanzadeh. We had a 5 year contract with him, but, for some reason, we released him a year later. I just want to know what people are thinking.

I don’t know a lot about our new players, in all honesty. I have missed our preseason games due to it being summer (I know, I’m a bad fan). But I am really hoping to see some good things this year. We do have Marshawn Lynch and Leon Washington, but I know they can’t carry the whole team all year.
(Marshawn Lynch... he's sneaky and fast as all get out)

(Leon Washington... he's saying "yeah, I see you end zone, and I'm comin in hot!")

That’s it for now friends, here’s to NFL Football!!!!!

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