Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whaaa :*(

It’s been a LONG time since I have done a McFatty Monday post. And let’s just say I NEED one… BAD.
As I mentioned the other day, I just signed up for My Fitness Pal, which I am hoping will be helpful to me. I was doing Medifast for a while, and it was definitely helping me lose weight, but it is really hard to follow when you have to eat all your food from a pouch and it doesn’t exactly taste good… especially when I am surrounded by people eating REAL food…
So, I gained MORE weight, putting me at a whopping, DISGUSTING 210 pounds. Oh my freaking god. I seriously am almost big enough for weight loss surgery and Biggest Loser. As much as I would LOVE to go on BL and get my ass kicked on national television, I would really like to do it myself and not have to embarrass myself in front of the whole country.
So I stocked up on healthy NORMAL food that I can eat for lunch and dinner, and I am starting to be more active again. Hopefully this works because I am starting to lose hope because it seems like no matter how hard I work, I just get fatter.   L

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