Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pet Peeves

I am in a fairly good mood today. However, I have chosen this glorious day to rant about some of the things that are really rubbing me the wrong way lately.
·         Bad/slow/obnoxious drivers. I am sure that this is a pet peeve of many people, but I must say, I have some of the worst road rage I have come across in my day to day life. Somehow, it seems, I always end up behind someone on my way to work that wants to hop out in front of me, then drive 15 under the speed limit, frequently resulting in me clocking in 1-2 minutes late for work. The same goes on my way home. I understand that you are a tourist just heading home from our glorious Snoqualmie Falls. However, if you notice that you have 11 cars lined up behind you, you may way to take a moment to pull over, let those of us NOT trying to enjoy the scenery go past you, and then continue on your merry way. K thanks.
·         Fleas. Those of you with furbabies know what I mean. It is so annoying to have your poor baby so itchy they can’t stand it. Poor Buck sits there and scratches and just whines because he is so miserable. I gave him a flea bath. No good. I sprayed the furniture and carpet with flea killer. No good. And it’s not just my Beagsie. It is ALL our animals. Little Jasper scratched himself til he bled  the day he got home from the groomer (which may or may not be partially because some of the products they use on him irritate his skin). My poor 3 legged cat gets them on the bad side of her head where she doesn’t have the hind leg to scratch at. Can you imagine the torture?! So, I dare say, we are going to have to go medieval on these dang critters and do the old school flea bomb. Let’s just see if I can get enough junk out of the house to be able to make this an effective tactic.
·         My eye brows. Now, this isn’t so much of a pet peeve as it is an annoyance at the moment, but go with it. One of my eyebrows (the left one to be exact) is naturally thinner than the right. But only in one little section. It is normal at the center side, then gets significantly thinner in the middle, then goes back to normal at the far end. I don’t even want to get into how many hours I have spent trying to make it so my eyebrows look somewhat similar (without the use of any sort of brow pencil, which I refuse to use because I know I would get carried away and look similar to this):
(That's right... my entire face would change and I would start wearing enormous hoop earrings)

·         Having no time to blog. I seriously have been so busy at work and home that I haven’t had time to finish any posts! I have started probably 5 posts in the past few days, but haven’t had any chance to post them or add pictures. However, this means that I have been staying busy, which indicates that I haven’t been stuffing my face as a couch potato. But still. I feel like I am letting you, my readers, down. Shoot, I haven’t even had time to watch Kristine’s vlog!
·         My poor self control. I got some bad news today, which wasn’t even that bad, and it just put me in this strange panicked state. Which lead to me going out at lunchtime and having my comfort food of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and fries. Sometimes I just get so mad at myself. And you would think that I would remember how angry I feel when this happens and just STOP. But no. I take the satisfaction of those nuggets in the moment and don’t worry about the aftermath. MUST STOP DOING THIS. Although I plugged it into MFP and I think I should be able to salvage my caloric intake if I have my salad (the one I brought for lunch and left sitting lonely in the fridge when I went on my emotional eating outing) for dinner, and then hop on the stationary bike for some after dinner exercising.
Thanks for bearing with me as I vent about the things that are getting under my skin right now! Hopefully I will have enough time on my little afternoon break today to get this posted so you kids can have some reading material until I am (hopefully) able to do my It’s Okay post this evening!


Rissy said...

popped over here to see if I could find a picture of Jasper.. since apparently he looks just like Bryan hehe... but no such luck.

however, these eyebrows are SCARY!! AH


Zara said...

I completely understand you on every single one of these points..
Just today, I got cut off by some jerk in his Prius going 20 miles under the speed limit. I tried to change lanes to get in front of him, and he cut me off again.... I wanted to yell at him!!! My car is faster, stop slowing me down you jerk!

The eyebrows... oh I have a horror story. I like keeping my eyebrows on the thicker side, and it takes forever for me to grow them out so that they can be shaped right. I decided to go to a friend to do them for me and she completely RUINED them. My right is just how I like it, but the left is back to being skinny and gross. Thank God for bangs that cover this mess up. :-(

<3 Hope your day is going better!

Bekah said...

UGh! Remember when we bonded friend over our road rage?! I am so bad! Someone cut me off in a roundabout, and I saw red and went into a yelling fit of rage. Totally forgot Jasons parentals were in the car. No big deal. Miss you!