Sunday, October 16, 2011

2PreppyGirls Giveaway!

Hey ladies!!

So, one of my favorite blogs, Turtles and Pearls, is having a giveaway of some great monogram decals from 2PreppyGirls. If I were you, I would go check out the website, and then hop on over to Turtles and Pearls and see about entering (even though I don't want anybody else to enter because I want to win because I think one of those decals would look pretty dang good on my car).

Some of my favorite things are the cute clipboards, and the luggage tags... SO STINKIN CUTE!!

Tonight, I am hoping to have a weekend alone wrap-up from the last couple days of Chad not being home. Also, I have a big night planned out at Teatro Zinzanni here in Seattle!