Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend of No Sharing: Day 1

Today is the first day of Chad being gone on his hunting trip (he left yesterday after work). So I am here to tell you a bit about what my first 24 hours of no Chad consisted of.

Last night, I just sat around and watching some TV before deciding to pop in a movie. The DVD of choice: Bridesmaids. Now, I'm gotten a few mixed reviews of this movie, some people weren't as amped about it as I had expected. So, when I started this movie last night, I wasn't really sure if I would be disappointed or no. I wasn't. I seriously laughed out loud A LOT. I also may have teared up a couple times. Don't judge.

After that, I went and laid in bed and read for a while. What book am I reading right now? Well, I'm glad you asked. It's called Everyone Worth Knowing. I borrowed it from my BFFL Kristine, and I am glad I did. I am really enjoying it so far. I will definitely post a full review once I finish it.

This morning, i got up an decided to watch some scary movie on Sci Fi (now known as SyFy). Then, I had an appointment to look at this house:

I know, it looks a little weird on the outside. That's because it is. My mom came with me, so we decided to stop at the outlet mall on the way home. I wanted to find a birthday present for my sister, but I accidentally bought a bunch of clothes too. Here are some of my finds:

Next was a stop at the new thrift store in the valley. They had some cute furniture and stuff, but nothing that I could afford to buy right then.

Which brings me home. Where I have once again turned the TV on and am settling in for New In Town on Lifetime.

Try not to be too jealous of my thrilling Saturday.

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Sasha said...

I LOVE Bridesmaids! I saw it twice in theaters and 3 times since it's been out and every time I watch it I laugh non stop!