Monday, October 3, 2011

The Big 2-5

I promised you a birthday recap, and here it is.
This morning I went to work to find that my co workers had planned a surprise “comfort food” potluck for me and my boss (her birthday is on the 1st and mine is on the 3rd). I had asked my friend/coworker Staci to make me a cake that looked like this:

But apparently 3 tiers with fondant ice cream cones and lollipops is too much. So instead she made me a Candy Land cake!!!

She did such a great job, I thought it was so dang cute! The little playing squares were starburst and there was a variety of other candy on it. She even made the fondant on the outside herself, which was great. I always thought fondant was flavorless and pointless, but this stuff was pretty tasty.
There was also chili, taco soup, mac and cheese, and all sorts of other goodies, such as these great brownies that my friend Stephanie made that are GREAT for fall. You can find the pictures and the recipe on her page here.
In the middle of lunch, we all sat around on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the outcome of Amanda Knox’s appeal, which you can read about here in case you hadn’t already.
After work, I came home to meet up with Chad and my mom to head to dinner with my sister and her fiancé at Chang’s Mongolian Grill. I look forward to this meal EVERY YEAR. It’s all you can eat, and you can have as many and as much meat as you want. Plus they serve it with wonton pancake things and plum sauce. SO GOOOOOOOD!!!
As for gifts, my sister got me a Bingo scratch ticket, some spider earrings, and a candy corn scented candle. Given my obsession with Halloween, she finds it very easy to get my gifts. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any money on my scratch ticket, but it gave me a good 3 and a half minutes of entertainment.

Chad got me some diamond earrings. Now, I have always told him that getting diamond earrings would make me nervous because I’ve had a lot of friends that have lost theirs. But, since he has already gotten me numerous necklaces, a bracelet, and a watch, he was really running out of jewelry to buy me. They’re 1/3 carat total weight so nothing big and flashy, but they look much bigger in my ears than they do in the box.

That’s just about it for my birthday news. Nothing too exciting, but I was happy with it.

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Bdubs said...

wow! You have amazing coworkers! Those earrings are lovely, great job Chad!