Thursday, October 20, 2011

This May Be My First Blog Post This Week...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay... to go look at potential houses to buy without Chad, since his number 1 priority is currently hunting

It's Okay... to be scared to really have surgery on my foot after having my surgical consultation today

It's Okay... to not really plan on having kids anytime soon, but to know that your future son/daughter is going to be a boy/girl scout

It's Okay... to get upset when your boss wants to give one of your favorite daily tasks to someone who doesn't have as much to do everyday (even though the aforementioned task is just folding and mailing monthly loan statements... that's MY job).

It's Okay... to be obsessed with McDonald's Monopoly and want to go there just to buy things with game pieces so I can potentially win a million dollars. And to give any prizes you don't want/need to other people (such as any free food instant winners, My Coke Rewards, and free Redbox rentals)

It's Okay... to be very fond of your old, super mean dog. And to be sad that he is showing signs of aging.

It's Okay... to indulge daily in a tall caramel eggnog latte (cut with non fat milk) because it tastes like heaven in my freaking mouth.

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Cait said...

great list girl- i indulge in latte all the time ha :) oh hey, if you're interested I'm giving a Starbucks Giveaway on my blog! Come enter! xo