Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

Here’s a little recap of what went down on my weekend. As I wrote about here, we did some house hunting on Saturday. After that, I took myself a two hour nap and then got prepped for the highlight of my weekend… the annual Barn Party! My friend Shannon (who I do bookkeeping for on the side) throws this epic party every October in her amazing barn. I’m being for real right now, this place is NO JOKE. Not only does it have the stalls for the horses, but upstairs there is a full service bar area. They hire a band, and there is dancing, drinks, and fun. They also added on a huge deck to the upper level, and a for real real bathroom with water, lights, and a toilet. No porta potties here (that’s a lie, they do have two porta potties too, since 1 bathroom isn’t going to cut it at a party of this magnitude). Boots and hats were required, so I was really excited to get all gussied up. Chad was lame and just wore regular clothes… fool. Anyways, we danced, laughed, and partied it up until about 12:30 when everybody started heading out. I’m a little pissed because I (as usual) forgot to get any pictures of the shindig. Oh well, so it is.
Today, I got up, had some breakfast, and hit the gym. Chad was hungover, but decided to go to the range anyways. He spent his whole day talking guns with his boyfriend best friend Dustin. While he was out having a jolly good time, I cleaned all afternoon! Seriously. I cleaned the couches, put on fresh slip covers, did dishes, laundry, cleaned floors, and the bathroom. Then it was off to bell choir rehearsal. My evening has concluded with dinner of spicy pork sliders, and watching TV with the doggies.
Side note: I would like to tell you that Chad and I got into a bit of an argument the other day. He told me I should clean up the dog poop in the yard because he is the one that mows the grass and none of the dogs are his. At which point I decided to bring to his attention the fact that the ONLY thing he does around the house is mow the grass, and that I do all the cooking and cleaning everywhere else. Granted, it’s not like the house is spotless or anything, but there is a lot of time that goes into the amount of cleaning that does get done. Therefore, I told him, it is only fair that he scoops the poop as part of his chores. And then, after I spent about 4 hours cleaning today, he came home and the only thing he noticed was that the sink was empty. I was NOT HAPPY.

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