Sunday, October 9, 2011

House Hunting: Day 2763

Chad and I have recently been amping up our house hunting. This week, we went and saw 6 houses. Three of them were good, one of them was okay, and two of them were no gos. Here’s a break down of the three contenders right now and my thoughts on them.
House 1: Edgewick
This house is located out in the BOONIES. Seriously, I had no idea how far away it was going to be. It took about half an hour to get there. The Good: it is on about an acre, most of which is wooded, and the house is brand spankin new. It was basically remodeled from the foundation up, had a GREAT kitchen, good floor plan, good parking, and was super private. The Bad: it’s definitely far out from civilization, the property is kind of dark due to the trees around, and the ground in the yard turns to mush when it rains. Plus the asking price is about $13k more than we are wanting to spend.

House 2: Riverbend 1
This house is in North Bend also, but not quite as out there as the Edgewick house. The Good: lots of square footage, fairly private, good size garage, good size backyard, great master suite with bay windows, lots of storage. The Bad: needs new appliances, not much light in the backyard, not much parking.

House 3: Riverbend 2
Last but not least, we have another house in Riverbend. This one is in a better location in Riverbend than the one with the red door. The good: really great front/backyard, good parking, woodburning stove, good natural light. The bad: needs new chimney and roof, not a ton of kitchen storage, only one bathroom, neighbors have full view of the backyard.

So, those are our top 3 right now. Any thoughts??

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silvertag said...

Personally I like #2. The drive out to #1 will get old fast. And I mean really fast. The muddiness of the yard will make you insane - especially if you have dogs/pets that go in and out often. #3 - lack of kitchen storage sucks, unless you can change it, one bathroom - ugh, awful, plus resale value will be better with 2 bathrooms. Lack of privacy in the yard? Boo! #2 - Parking? Can you double park vehicles if you need to? The appliances you can live with for now - upgrade as money is available. If it were me, I'd go with #2. They all look great though. So exciting!