Friday, October 7, 2011

Ch ch ch ch chaangess....

So, with the change of seasons comes the change in hobbies. I speak, of course, of Chad’s.

That’s right folks, the Pink Lightning has been put up for the winter. Here she sits, on her trailer instead of in the bed of Chad’s truck where she has been happily tucked all summer.

What’s next? I’m glad you asked. Hunting. And what can you not hunt without? That's right. Guns. Chad loves his guns, as most guys around here do. So, basically every waking moment of his is spent looking at guns, talking about guns, or watching shows about guns and hunting on TV. This definitely drives a wedge between us, as I get really sick of hearing about things I don’t care about.

Chad recently traded his little .17 caliber pistol in on a different pistol (please don’t ask me for any details about it, because I don’t know or really care that much about it). The aforementioned new pistol gets carried around EVERYWHERE with him when he is home. Ya know, in case of violent attack in our garage. Or bears in his truck. Common occurances, really.

Which brings me to my next little anecdote.

Time: about 10:50 last night.
Place: Our bedroom.

Chad comes in from the bathroom and apparently he had heard something in the kitchen, and this is the conversation that ensued.

Chad: Was that you that just made that loud noise in the kitchen?
Me: (laying in bed playing tetris on my phone half asleep) Um, no.
Chad: Hm, must have been your cat knocking the half can of cat food off the counter.
Me: Well, there is no half can of cat food on the counter, so I’m guessing that’s not what it was.
Chad: Hm, I better go check it out… (grabs his pistol)
Me: I’m sure it was just her knocking something else off the counter... please don't shoot my cat.
Chad: OR, it’s a burglar
Me: A burglar looking for goods in our kitchen cupboards and then slamming them?
Chad: I'll be right back!
…. (1.5 minutes later)….
Chad: It was just your cat.

As the world turns... these are the days of my life. *sigh*

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Zara said...

This just made my night!!!
Boys and their toys!