Friday, November 4, 2011

Cemetery Girl

I was a reading MACHINE this past weekend. Actually, more accurately, I was a reading machine on Tuesday because I had the day off. I read this book:

Ever heard of it? Me neither. But I was at Target last week and I kind of went on a mini shopping spree. I was going crazy in the book section and the next thing I knew, I had about 10 books in my basket. So I had to get myself down to 4, and this was one of them.
This is the summary from the back:

Tom and Abby Stuart had everything: a perfect marriage, successful careers, and a beautiful twelve-year-old daughter, Caitlin. Then one day Caitlin vanished without a trace. For a while they grasped at every false hope and followed every lead, but the tragedy ended up changing their lives, overwhelming them with guilt and dread, and shattering their marriage.

Four years later, Caitlin is found alive - dirty and disheveled yet preternaturally calm. She won't discuss where she was or what happened. Then the police arrest a suspect connected to her disappearance, but Caitlin refuses to testify, leaving the Stuarts with a choice: Let the man who may be responsible for destroying their lives walk away, or take matters into their own hands. And when Tom decides to try to uncover the truth for himself, he finds that nothing that has happened yet can prepare him for what he is about to discover.

Now, if I'm being honest, I'm a LITTLE disappointed in the story. The back makes it sound like there is some sort of crazy story line that comes up. But there isn't. I mean, don't get me wrong, I couldn't put this book down because I was really wanting to find out what was happening and how things would play out. But it didn't provide me with anything SHOCKING like I was expecting.
The story actually has a feeling of non-fiction to it. It is totally something that could, and has, happened to people in real life.

Overall, I did like the book. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. It was an easy read that I couldn't put down. But it did leave something to be desired.

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