Thursday, November 3, 2011


This week I have failed as a blogger. I know this.
It's not that nothing has been going on in my life... it's the exact opposite. I've been super busy the past week. But now I'm so far behind that I can't just write up some short, sweet posts on each of the happenings in my life.
So I'll combine them into one. And hope I don't forget anything.

Friday: Bar. Dinner. Bed.
Saturday: Bonfire. Costume Party. Drunk Chad. Bed.
Sunday: Barbecue. Family.
Monday: Work. Costumes. Potluck. Trick or Treating.
Tuesday: House hunting. 
Wednesday: Family dinner night. Phase 10. 
Thursday (today): Woke up sick. 

So, that is you being caught up. If you need more clarification, feel free to let me know! Although, I don't really think there needs to be a lot of explaining. I promise to do better this coming week. Especially if I'm nursing this damn cold.

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